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What A Waste

>> Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today, that is. Well, I feel like it was wasted as I got absolutely nothing done. Nothing. My kitchen is full of dishes that need washed, my living room and basement could stand to be picked up -at the very least, no laundry was done... We didn't leave the house.

I went to bed with some little intestinal bug and it stuck with me all day. I just, finally, ate some soup that Doug got for me when he took the girls out for dinner. (I didn't even know they had gone. I was in bed and completely oblivious.)

What I did do today was spend lots of time on the floor. Which Caelan enjoyed immensely as I was at her level. And Brenna was such a big girl, kissing my tummy to make it feel better and patting my head.

So I suppose it wasn't a complete waste.


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