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Mommy and the Allan Wrench : by Caelan

>> Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just the other day Mommy told Daddy that my crib needed to be lowered. Daddy went into the garage and returned with his arms full of tools. I saw the look Mommy gave the tools but she didn't say anything. Daddy saw the look, too, and said that he was going to hang our new towel hangers while he was up there. Mommy just nodded.

Mommy pulled my crib away from the wall and Daddy removed the screws from one end of the crib with his big battery powered drill/screwdriver thingie. He handed it to Mommy. One screw was stuck. Daddy told Mommy to move; he would get it.

I'm not sure exactly what happened but when I got in bed later the crib had not been lowered. I know I heard Daddy saying something about needing to drill through the screw. And I'm sure I heard Mommy say something under her breath about the screw. Or maybe she said something about being screwed. I'm not sure.

Fast forward to last night, about midnight. Mommy had gone out so Daddy put me to bed. I didn't get my evening dose of Mommy's milk so, knowing that she would just be falling asleep, I called for her. And she found me sitting up in my bed- yes,I did it all alone!- gripping the side rails.

After congratulating my amazing feat and taking care of my thirst Mommy mumbled something about definately needing to lower the crib before I launched myself out. I guess that the fact that I was sitting up in bed again this morning must have really made Mommy determined to lower the bed because she pulled everything out of my bed and brought up what she called the most annoying tool known to man:
And she lowered my crib all the way to the bottom while she muttered something about men and their big tools. Or maybe it was men are big tools. I couldn't really tell. Mommy needs to stop mumbling. I do know that she taped the allan wrench to the crib and put in a note about only using it and not needing to tighten the screws until wood cracks.

And now I have no chance of escape until I can stand. I'll have to get on that.


Jodi 12:59 PM  

OMG I am ROFLOL! I have lived that scenario so many times. Men!


Marie 2:45 PM  

Awww! Such a sweet pic.

I am pretty sure we had the same scene here a couple years ago. I think there was drilling involved, or some sort of power tool. Oy.

Unknown 7:47 PM  

LOVE THIS!!! I am cracking up!!!


Doug H 8:02 PM  

Luckily Brenna noticed that Daddy used the same thing to take off the other bolts....

Fantastagirl 10:21 PM  

LOL..that is just priceless...

Tamara B 9:18 AM  

very cute post. I always love stuff from their perspective. We try to do that every year for our christmas letter.

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