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I Wish I Were In Bed

>> Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love our bed. Doug actually owned it before we got married and I will admit that he did an excellent job picking it out. It’s king size, solid wood, designed by Thomas Kincaid. It’s gorgeous.

I do not, however, love our bedding. It’s a little dark for my taste. So I’ve been searching online to find something I like. I found this site with beautiful quilt covers and other bedding.

I really like the Anastasia line; it’s not so feminine that Doug would refuse to sleep under it. And since our room needs redecorated anyway now would be a perfect time to replace our old set. And since I see thatTerry's Fabrics also offers curtains and throw pillows I'm betting I can get my entire bedroom outfitted to coordinate.


Jill 7:01 PM  

Very nice choices.... have fun picking out something new. I re-did our bed over Christmas and used Pottery Barn.

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