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Potty Time

>> Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday we used exactly one Pull Up- and that was during nap time. Otherwise Brenna used the potty. Yippee!!

Today, however, is proving difficult. She woke up wet and hasn't pee'd yet. She's been on the potty for an hour and a half this setting. We tried earlier, too, with no results. But she hasn't wet herself, either, so it must be progress.

There is no way I am putting a Pull Up on her until she uses the toilet. Doing so is just an invitation to fill it.

Grrrr.... Does anyone know if she could explode?

Finally! It seems that 2 hours on the potty will make the magic happen! WooHoo!


Anonymous 1:46 PM  

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Fantastagirl 9:36 PM  

Yea Brenna - you'll get it figured out soon - and then your mommy won't know what to think.

Marie 8:06 AM  

She literally sat there for 2 hours?! WOW! I am impressed!!!

Tamara B 11:25 AM  

not looking forward to those frustrations but I'm kinda ready for potty training. Although, I don't look forward to wiping his butt while he sits on the potty either!!! I think his dad needs to train him in this area but he seems to have zero interest. Grr to the hubby!

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