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Summer Tuesdays

>> Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ahhhh... School is out and that means I have Meritt's Coffeegirl here every Tuesday for 6 hours.

She is here right now. She and Brenna are in the basement "watching" Cars and playing. Caelan is sleeping but will join them for some block stacking and destructing later.

And I cleaned my wood floors. Next I will attempt to clean my desk and maybe do some scrapbooking. Later we will all go to the park- so I can show CG where it is- to fly kites, swing and slide.

Honestly, I feel a bit too "free" and not at all sure what to do with myself. How sad is that?


Marie 7:46 AM  

I'm guessing you'll get used to it!! Enjoy!

Tamara B 10:05 AM  

When she's done at your place, can you send her North to mine. I need someone tomorrow night to keep my little blond cutie.

Unknown 7:47 PM  

It's crazy isn't it? Whenever we have playdates or I'm babysitting, I always seem to accomplish more. They are so entertained. It's great!

Glad you got a little something done!

Unknown 7:55 PM  

Okay ... I was just over at Merritt's and I so get it now. CoffeeGirl is older and is "watching" your little ones.

DUH! Sorry!

I'm serious, I get a lot done even during playdates, because they play together and not asking me to play dolls, store, house, etc ... :)

I think I need to go to bed.

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