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Monday Again?

>> Monday, June 25, 2007

Isn't it amazing how you can be gone for a day and a half and when you get home you are just overwhelmed with things that "must be done"?

We had a first birthday party to attend Saturday in a small town in the southwestern part of the state and a family reuinon on Sunday even farther south. And it made no sense to come home between so we packed up our family and found a hotel.

Let me just say that the pickin's are darn slim in southwestern Iowa. The nicest hotel thereabouts is a Super 8. Now, in my book, that's darn close to a pop-up trailer. Not that I have anything against pop-ups, but there isn't a lot of room or amenities. At least with a pop-up you can spread yourself outside.

But there was a pool. Brenna had a wonderful time splashing with Daddy and playing with her cousins who decided to "rough it", too.

We were squished into one room as the hotel didn't have any connected rooms. The girls are both noisy sleepers- Brenna was talking about having a lollipop in her sleep and Caelan wakes at least once a night; usually she plays but in a strange place in a strange crib you can imagine the screams.

After a full Sunday spent in the sun we were exhausted when we got home last night. Baths were had, stuff was brought in from the truck and put in a pile and we were all in bed early.

So there is lots on my agenda today. Laundry, cleaning, I should grocery shop but I may wait until tomorrow, put things away... I should get back to it. *sigh*


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