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See Doug; See Doug Mow

>> Friday, June 29, 2007

People sometimes ask me if it offends Doug when I call him "My Geek". No, it doesn't; it's an endearment as Doug is a self-professed geek. (A geek is a nerd who makes over $80K/year- just FYI)

As a geek, Doug is all about working smarter, not harder and he is all over new technology. Which is why, when he first saw a Robomower he had to have it.

And then he had to share it with the world (some of you may remember this classic):

We had such fun with our little "gerbil" when we first got it. We would sit on the deck and just watch it go. We would laugh as people driving down the street would stop, turn around or back up to watch. We would giggle as dogs tried to play with it and small children wanted to touch it. We should have charged admission.

Of course we try to keep up on all that is new in the world or robotic lawn care and recently Bamabots.com came to our attention. This site has it all: Robomowers (new and improved over our little "gerbil"), Lawnbotts and (what I now covet) the Garden Groom. I've been in contact with Kerry, an Iowa native who admits that the IQ of both his home state and Alabama were raised when he moved, and he is full of information. And wit. Because of this he is considered by both Robomower and Lawnbott to be the best resource of information on robotic lawnmowers. The #1 Robomower and Lawnbott Dealer.That's pretty impressive. He also has a 100% feedback rating on eBay and extremely fast shipping.

If you're a geek (like Doug), a techie or you just like to have something noone else on your block has I definately suggest contacting Kerry , reading the articles and checking out his Top 10 Reasons to get a robotic mower.

Of course, I would add to those reasons:
11) Entertainment- both the mower and the people who see it
12) Great topic at boring parties- "I have a robot"
13) No more fighting with the kids to mow the lawn- with the remote it's like a video game!

You know you want to go.... The robots are waiting....


Jill 12:20 PM  

So, then, how do you define DORK?

Jody 1:17 PM  

Jill- I try not to. :)


This is just the start or robot domincation.

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