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Happy Father's Day

>> Sunday, June 17, 2007

Doug will be spending the morning sleeping in. It's what he would want most... Later he will get his gifts... Again, things he said he would like but nothing as crazy as the Wii my BIL got.

Later this afternoon my siblings, their families and my dad will come over and we'll grill. Water fun will be had on the extra long slip and slide (that we have positioned down a hill) and the pool/splash/ sprinkler thing we have. Oh and some water balloons.

So just a low-key, fun, family-typ day here.

Happy Father's Day to all you daddies. What big plans do you have?


Jill 11:10 AM  

We are kinda' keeping it low today, too. After our week of "vacation" and home and frantic work trying to get our remodeling done, we're BUSHED! My hubby got his first "gift" this morning when I brought Adam (18 months) into our room to say "Happy Father's Day" and he threw up all over our bed. hee-hee

Unknown 8:07 PM  

We did the zoo, took a nap and played at the pool...it was pretty lame on my part but that's kinda the way SD is...he'd be peeved if I spent money on planning something big anyway.

Happy Father's Day to Doug!

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