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This Is Controversial?

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The CDC is telling doctors to use the word "obese" instead of warm fuzzy words like "at risk" or "overweight" when a child when a child is clearly obese.

Dr. Reginald Washington, a committee spokesman and member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said Tuesday that some doctors have avoided the blunt terms for “fear that we’re going to stigmatize children, we’re going to take away their self-esteem, we’re going to label them.”

Currently 17% of the nations children are obese and one third are overweight. I think that is enough of a problem to deserve a label. If our population is allowing itself and it's children to develop this problem then I really think that our nation's doctors have the obligation to stick our noses in it, so to speak, and bring it to the forefront.

Because, honestly, you know if you have a problem. Your kids know if they have a problem. Maybe a few honest words from your doctor will get you to do something about it. Correctness has gone too far when your doctor can't be honest with you.

And, you know, "obese" isn't as harsh as kids taunting "fatty, fatty, fat pants". Tell me that doesn't lower their self-esteem.

I'm all for protecting my kids. I'll protect them from drowning, protect them from a vicious dog, protect them from harm, but I don't understand protecting them from the truth. Get over it and let doctors do thier jobs.



I agree.

Jodi 8:31 AM  

Interesting. I don't have overweight kids so I haven't encountered this issue. I have underweight kids and the doctors are never afraid to tell me that. They ask the kids if they are eating their veges and fruits.

I do think you need to be honest with kids but really young kids have little to no power over what they eat. If mom is making fried chicken and mac and cheese with biscuits for dinner what are they supposed to eat that is healthy? Maybe the honesty needs to come with some education for the kids and the parents so they both learn what they should be eating. But I imagine most doctors are too busy to take that much time with a family at a regular appointment.

Okay, well I am getting off my soapbox now. Just my 2 cents.

Jody 9:21 AM  

Jodi- you're right, of course. Kids have no control over what is put in front of them and parents are completely responsible for their kid's eating habits, exercise habits, or tv habits. But if the doctor doesn't put the proper amount of weight behind his words it is doubtful the parents will pay much attention to him.

Did you ever see that show on TLC- Honey, We're Killing The Kids? I was quite annoying the couple of times I watched it but it really made the parents take notice and get their acts together. That is what our doctors should be doing.

I don't have overweight kids, either, but they are still young and have lots of energy. I just hope to instill in them good habits that will carry them through adulthood.

Jodi 11:20 AM  

I have seen that show and saw how difficult it is to change some of the parents habits. Oddly the kids (on the few shows I saw) weren't all that hard to change. Sometimes they were more willing than the parents. LOL

I agree that it is very important to instill good habits early. Then your kids don't have to worry about their own weight.

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