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Seriously, What Has Crawled Up Mother Nature's A$$

>> Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yeah, OK, I am posting about the weather. yes, my life is really that dull. After weeks of 100+ degree days we are being deluged with rain. Great, heavy downpors of rain. Not that I am complaining too much- we really needed it and it has brought the temperature down. But I have to go grocery shopping today. I avoided it yesterday due to the heat and I'm not too thrilled about going out in a downpour.

I could tell you about planning a trip to Texas to visit Doug's family in November. We haven't been to Texas since Brenna was about 5 months old. I think Doug's mom was up once since then, and so was his dad. I haven't seen his brother since that time. And, since they won't come up after the baby is born (heaven forbid they get cold) and have been asking when we are coming down, we have decided that the week of Thanksgiving will be best.

So, I have been perusing all the options, of which there are 3:

1) Rent an RV to save on hotel costs as neither of Doug's parents really have room for our entire family. And I really don't feel like being crammed into a tiny space.

2) Rent a mini van and pay for hotels (did I mention that if we drive we will be taking Doug's grandmother with us? There is no way she would let us go without her as she has been -strongly- hinting that she wants to go. We won't all fit in the Explorer, hence the rental of something).

3) Fly, rent a car & hotel

Let me tell you, renting an RV is costly. Almost $600 more than option 3. $600 in gas alone plus 25 cents per mile. That's more than the rental charge! Yikes!

Options 2 & 3 are coming out even. We are leaninng heavily toward flying as it will be less hassle than driving. Think about it- would you want to spend 4 days driving with an infant who is nursing and a toddler who will be just potty trained? Nope, me either. Although I am sure that option 3 will cause us a bit of grandma guilt.

Right now I am waiting on the travel agent to get back to me. She worked some magic with our trip to Ireland so I am seeing what she can do with this.

After all is in place we just have to call Doug's family to let them know we are coming. And tell one of them that the other one gets us for Thanksgiving... That should be fun.

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