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You're Sure That's A Baby In There?

>> Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lately I'm not so convinced. She is doing her best "Alien" impression. You know the part: the alien pushes it's way out through the guy's gut... Yeah, that's what baby is trying to do. Last night she was kicking so hard that I told Doug she was going to rip her way out and wake him in the middle of the night... "Feeed Meeee"....

As it was she stirred herself around enough to give me an awful case of heartburn that no antacids would cure. (Why do they call it heartburn when it is on the other side?)

Still no name. Doug is still very partial to Eibhlinn (Ave-leen). In the traditional spelling. Yes, I am prepared for the spelling & pronunciation fallout. I will try not to be too bitchy about it.

I am restless today and it is too freakin' hot & humid to do much. I constructed the changing table for the baby's room and will do the dresser later. For some reason I want to get that room ready. I'm probably just getting anxious. We stil have to prepare the basement room to be the "spare" and do some painting. Mom & I need to make the bedding and a few other things will need pretty, decorative covers. We have two months- if baby holds out til October 4.

Wow, that's not far off.

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