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A Day Away

>> Monday, July 31, 2006

Doug & I made the trek to Minneapolis this weekend to acquire much needed supplies for baby's room- closet storage, shelving & a changing table- as well as pots & pans for Brenna's kitchen and a few requested items for family at IKEA. Brenna remained at home with grandma and, by all accounts, had fun and played until she wore herself out.

Our drive was uneventful and we were able to get through IKEA quickly as we had a list and didn't really need to browse. Which, I gotta say, I'm thankful for. The place was packed with people trying to outfit their kids' dorm rooms. Ugh.

After loading the truck we headed to the hotel. I chose the Marquette in downtown Minneapolis, mostly for its location to our plans for the rest of our stay. I highly recommend this hotel if you visit Mpls. The customer service was top notch AND we were upgraded to a suite on the executive level. In fact, we were put in a room adjacent to the Presidential Suite- and the adjoining door was not locked. Of course we had to peek in. :) With this upgrade came appetizers & cocktails in the Executive Lounge (which we missed as Doug was talking politics with my friend Bobbi's husband) and a very nice Continental Breakfast (which we grabbed only a pastry for me and coffee for Doug as we had brunch plans). The room was spacious, the bed was so fluffy and comfy, the shower had a steam room... I will definately stay there again.

After a rest we headed to my friend Bobbi's house. Of all my MN friends I probably have the most in common with Bobbi and we can always find things to talk about that don't revolve around the past or gossip.

After staying longer than we planned- and missing the free goodies at the hotel- we made our way back downtown to meet my friend Gina for dinner at Kieran's Irish Pub; yummy food, great atmosphere, live music. Gina is my first real friend in MN. She is one of those people that you can't help but love; she's kind and generous, almost etheral and fairy-like. She brought a present for Brenna, an adorable kid size Adirondac chair. Gina is an artist, mostly a sculptor, and mostly in concrete. She has done some pretty amazing stuff at the Bronx Zoo, Disney World, and various museums. Her next gig is at the Field Museum in Chicago to create a permanent exhibit on the Incan and Mayan civilizations. She is the one person I know who was able to take her passion and make such an amazing career.

Brunch Sunday was at Jax Cafe, a Minneapolis gem that is one of it's best kept secret. Located in northeast Minneapolis, and not in the nicest neighborhood, they lay out one of the best brunches I have ever eaten. (If you click the link you will want to take a virtual tour of the place by clicking Interior. The place is gorgeous, old school and upscale.)

We had brunch with my friends Karen and Terri. I hadn't seen Karen in over a year and Terri in almost three. It was nice to see them but sad because I realized that I really have nothing in common with them. Conversation was slow and revolved around past and current drama- which has absolutely no bearing on my life anymore. I would have enjoyed myself more if it had just been Doug & I.

And then the long drive home. Again, uneventful. Brenna was very happy with her pots and pans. Click the thumbnail below to see her "cook" in her kitchen.

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