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In Case You Want To Know....

>> Friday, August 04, 2006

Until I can create pretty links and convince Doug to put them on the side of the blog (where his campaign stuff is, which is why I don't want to do it) I will just, shamelessly, admit that I have baby registries set up with Target and Babies R Us.

You would think that those places, being online and all, would have nice little buttons for you to add to webpages and such. Nope. Not that I can find. I can make pretty links in FrontPage but this isn't FrontPage now, is it? And Blogger help isn't any. Ugh. I'll have to dig out an HTML book. That's some dry reading. Until then click on the text, not the pretty pictures. (I know how some of you are drawn to the big red bulls-eye)

Update: HAHA! I did it! With Doug looking over my shoulder- but I did it! Pretty linky pictures! Click them!

Of course we don't need much, but there are a few things that will just make life easier. Besides, it's a new baby... a few new things would be nice. :)

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