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Got The Time?

>> Sunday, August 20, 2006

Brenna does.

As of today she has a new clock in her room- specially made just for her by Mommy.

As those of you who check in regularly know, my sister, SILs and I venture out once a month for a marathon scrapbooking session at Archivers. Six hours of scrapbooking; including dinner, special products, demos and prize drawings. It is really the only time I can get anything done and it is nice to get out.

Archivers also has classes focusing on new trends, holidays and other goodies. Today's class was the clock. This class was different from others in that everyone wasn't making exactly the same thing. We had to bring our own pictures, paper, accessories... whatever we wanted on the clock. Since I couldn't figure out what I wanted on a clock I decided to make a clock for Brenna's room to go with her fairy motif.

I used a couple of Wallies that I had purchased on clearance and decorated them with assorted colors of Stickles for extra umph. I added a cute fairy quote, ribbon, flowers on the hands and more Stickles on the numbers.

Lovely, isn't it?

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