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Up With the Coffee Maker

>> Thursday, August 24, 2006

I think I have mentioned before that our coffee maker grinds beans before actually brewing the coffee. And I'm sure all you coffee drinkers out there will vouch, along with Doug, that coffee tastes better when it is freshly brewed. Me, I'm a tea drinker; I don't care.

The coffee maker has become my morning alarm. As soon as it begins grinding beans Toby, our dog, makes his way into our bedroom to be let outside. If one of us doesn't get out of bed quickly enough he begins to poke me with his paw. His claws are sharp; it's usually easier to just get out of bed when you hear him coming.

This morning Brenna was up with the coffee maker as well and ready to eat. She wanted strawberries and string cheese. Fruit & protein, no problem.

Ah, it's Thursday. Usually that would mean Nature Girl would be coming over this afternoon to play and watch Brenna but she went back to school this week so now we will head back to the gymnastics school on Thursday mornings. At least it wears down my little Energizer Bunny and she naps well.

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