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Add on Another Pound

>> Monday, August 07, 2006

We have begun the every-two-weeks OB appointments. In the past two weeks I have gained one pound. I remember when I was pregnant with Brenna I seemed to gain a ton of weight the last trimester. With this one, not so much. I personally think that this baby is so active she is burning my calories for me. Well, that and she has a foot or something permanently pressing on my stomach- which must be what gastric bypass feels like, without the surgery.

Otherwise everything is looking good- baby's size, my blood pressure; the doctor says there is no reason for another ultra sound which is sad in a way as I have a 3D photo of Brenna and won't get one of this baby.

The cesarean section has been scheduled. Unless baby decides she just can't wait we are set for 7am Wednesday, October 4. Which means I have to be at the hospital at 5am. So I have to drag myself and Doug out of bed around 4am. It almost makes going to sleep seem unnecessary, huh?


As I was attempting to leave the OB I had to make another appointment. At that time the line was stretching out the door. I did my best to notice who was at the end of the line and wait my turn. Which put me behind a family originally from Kenya. Unfortunately the wife spoke no English at all and her husband had a very limited command of the language. I assume the appointment was made through a translator and one was not requested at the time the appointment was made. As you can imagine this caused quite a backup at the desk, not to mention a scramble for a translator.

Now, I understand that English is a difficult language to learn. I get it. What I don't understand is: If you know you need a translator why don't you bring one with you? Obviously you use them for other aspects of your life. Why is it the responsibility of the doctor's office (or DOT or hospital) to provide one for you? If you suspect that a translator will be necessary shouldn't it be your responsibility to provide one?

Did you know that federal rules require that any medical provider receiving Medicaid or Medicare offer interpreters? I just don't understand why it is the responsibility of the medical provider, or the Federal Government, to provide this service. I just don't get it.

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