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Simple Courtesy... Or Is It?

>> Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today after playing at the gym Brenna & I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. As we were exiting there was an elderly lady in front of us. I was poking along behind her as we were in no hurry. Apparently the high school cheerleader behind us was in a hurry because she rushed past me to get to the first exit door where she ended up behind the elderly lady. Right before the second exit door she cut in front of the lady, causing the lady to almost crash her cart to avoid hitting her, in her rush to get out the door.

OK, that's rude, but wait, there's more.

As coincidence would have it we all parked in the same row. Cheerleader was closest to the door, then another car, myself and the elderly lady. Cheerleader wasn't fast enough so she had to wait for both the lady and me to walk behind her car before she could pull out of her parking spot. She was in such a hurry that she didn't notice that the guy who had parked between us was coming around his mini van to get his child out and almost hit him.

When I got home I did what few people would probably do. I called the school and spoke with the activities director. I told him how offended I was by her rudeness and asked him to remind his students that they represent the school- especially when they are in uniform. He was very understanding and completely in agreement and said that it would be brought up at the scrimmage tonight as a "group informative".

The activities driector has cheerleader's description and type of car. I am pretty sure he knows who she is. I hope she is dualy embarassed and learns a lesson.

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