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Another Early Morning

>> Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ugh. We had a storm roll through early this morning. A storm which I probably would have slept through had it not been for two things: my dog and my uterus.

Toby wears a radio collar for his instant fence. Unlike an invisible fence, which is a buried wire, the instant fence is a radio signal sent out from a central unit. Much less expensive and mobile, not to mention that it just works better as the collar won't turn off as soon as he breaks the boundary (which an invisible fence does). Unfortunately, once, during a big electrical storm, his collar went off and now storms freak him out a bit. So sometime around 3:30 he came upstairs to have his collar taken off.

About that time my not-so-little in-utero-baby began to kick and punch. No matter which way I turned, how I propped the pillows or what I did she kicked and rolled and kept tempo with the thunder. Terrific. There weren't any late summer storms when I was pregnant with Brenna so I didn't know about this. My OB's nurse told me that when storms roll through the maternity wards get really busy. Hmmm, if the storms continue baby may not make it til October 4.

I had really hoped for some good, solid sleep tonight as I have lots to do today. Now I know there will be no skipping nap time. At least it's Thursday, which means Merrit's Nature Girl will be here to watch Brenna for a few hours. It's the last time before school begins. sniff, sniff I know that someone is gonna miss her.

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