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Sights from the State Fair Parade

>> Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last night we ventured downtown to take in the sights and sounds of the State Fair Parade. Although people lined the streets there was plenty of parking and we didn't have to walk far. In fact, we walked into the air conditioned skyway system and sat there during the worst of the heat. Plenty of room, comfortable... a place for Brenna to run around when there was a break in the action.

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On Brenna's back you see her puppy backpack/ leash. She likes to wear it. And to be honest, she's gotten so fast and I've gotten so slow that it has been a blessing to have.
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Here is an entrant in the "Largest Boar" contest:
18 Squeeler, weighing in at 80,000 lbs.
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After people began to leave (most kids can't sit through the entire parade) and it got cooler outside we moved below our skywalk post to the street. Brenna really enjoyed the bands and I thought she would have fun up close.
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Here she is stomping and dancing with the Isiserettes, a local drill and drum corps. (Click the picture below for video)

OK, so the sights aren't so much of the parade. It was a parade- Shriners in their cars, politicians shaking hands, lots of tractors (Brenna would jump up and down, pointing "Tactor, tactor, tactor!"), horses and bands. Brenna was as much fun to watch as the parade itself.

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