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>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

OK, so noone could connect with my "Blah" post? Please. I think I know some of you better than that.

Today feels the same. It's raining and chilly (I like the chilly part- fall is my favorite time of year). I have the desire to do something, I look at the things that need done- my Ireland scrapbook is on one corner of my desk begging to be finished, Brenna's fairy costume needs finished, I have a bunch of calls to make- and I just don't care. I think baby is sucking the life out of me. I am heading in to the last month- OK, so I have 5 weeks- and am slowing down significantly. I am beginning to feel like one of those 600+ pound people who goes on Dr. Phil whining about their weight and saying it's all genetic. I am huge.

So today I will entertain you with some videos starring Brenna. Just click on the photo stills to be taken to the video.

We'll begin with Brenna the Geek. Background: Brenna was watching "Buzz" (translation: Toy Story 1 or 2, it really doesn't matter, she loves Buzz) when Daddy decided to turn on the Super Geek Bar Computer. Brenna then wanted up. I suggested logging on to the Sesame Street website where we found this game starring Elmo. It's interactive Elmo!

Next we have a cameo by Mommy. See how truly huge I am. Ugh. It's no wonder I don't want to do anything. Brenna loves to put rubs (translation: lotion) on the baby and give her kisses.

(Third video has been removed due to technical errors. I will try it again in another post!)

sigh Now I suppose I should do something worthwhile.

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