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Sunday Morning Rambling

>> Sunday, August 27, 2006

Toby wanted out around 6:45am and I could hear Brenna beginning to wake. So far she is still in bed but I don't expect that to last long.

It's another beautiful morning to be outside; cool, slight breeze, quiet. Well, it was quiet until a just now. Someone a block or two away has started something that sounds like a chainsaw. Or a weed whacker. It is disturbing my peaceful morning. If I lived closer I would be outside in a heartbeat telling him where he can shove it! Ahhh, it's off now.

So I am sitting here with my Irish Breakfast Tea and have just finished a sub-par blueberry muffin and am wishing for a big Irish breakfast. If I could have a castle view my morning would be perfect. Maybe that lottery ticket I bought yesterday will pan out. haha!

So... today's plans. I need to go to Home Depot for some wallpaper border to cover the existing stuff in the basement room to make it coordinate with the bedroom that will be moving down there today. I should also pick up some wire for Brenna's fairy wings that I am making for her Renaissance/Halloween costume. Then to Michael's to retrieve an item I had framed. And maybe some sparkly stuff for those wings. And then the fabric store for a special needle and whatever else will make it easier to sew through silk organza. That should be enough, right?

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