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An Attention Span Like The Life Of A Fruit Fly

>> Thursday, August 31, 2006

I think I may have gotten 2 hours of sleep last night. I remember being at least semi-conscience until midnight then awake around 1:30 and 3, semi-conscience then out of bed at 4 when I heard a dog barking, back in bed half an hour later and tossing and turning until 6 or so. Poor Doug. HA! Who am I kidding? I wouldn't be so uncomfortable if it weren't for him.

It's Thursday so Brenna & I ventured out to the gymnastics center for an hour of play. She flitted from balance beams to trampolines to the pit of foam... Round and round the gym... I had trouble keeping up.

I paid $2.05/gal for gas today. Damn Big Corn! Yeah, I use E85 in the truck. Wish we could use it in the car. Thirty cents a gallon difference is great. And it really hasn't changed our gas mileage since we use it exclusively (the more you use it the better you do).

I think baby has turned. Lots of pressure down low. Walking is getting uncomfortable. Sitting is getting uncomfortable. Sleeping is getting uncomfortable. I'm just uncomfortable. Blech.

Update: 2:29pm

Naptime: 1pm

At 1:47pm Brenna is still awake and amusing herself by doing "This little piggy went to market" on her toes. How could I tell what it was? Because the "Wewewewe all the way home" part is clear as day.

Shortly thereafter she falls asleep. And shortly after that the lawn guys show up and begin running their machines right outside my bedroom window. Damn. I'm up, I'm up. Bastards.

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