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Not Too Late to Switch

>> Friday, August 25, 2006

When Brenna was born we used a hospital that came very highly recommended by my sister. It didn't "smell", the nurses were incredible and the tour we took set our minds to ease.

When the time came I was checked in to a huge corner-room birthing suite. Sweet! Unfortunately I had to have a c-section and they then moved me to the other wing where the rooms are much smaller (and they misplaced my favorite grey yoga pants which I miss to this day).

Now, I have never understood why, if you have a c-section, you are moved to a shoebox room. It was so tiny that I couldn't have more than two visitors at a time. It sucked.

Fast forward to now: I am using the same OB group but a different doctor. He has agreed to deliver baby on a day that he is usually not scheduled to do surgery and has been urging us to use the hospital directly across the street from his office. I didn't want to because I wasn't any more impressed with them than I was with the other hospital.

Until yesterday. Yesterday they held the open house of their new wing which is almost completely for maternity. It is gorgeous! Delivery takes place on one floor and recovery is on another. The rooms are spacious with memory foam double beds (so you can cuddle with your other kids) and a table for your guests to sit and join you. There is a couch (instead of a fold-out-chair-type-thing) for hubby to sleep on, huge walk in showers, tiled bathroom floors, and most importantly for all the geeks, wireless internet in the rooms! Seriously, it's like checking in to a Fairmont!

Now I just have to switch everything from hospital A to hospital A+++. And I am hoping for the west corner room. Seriously, it is twice as big as my first apartment. Maybe 3 times as big...

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