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Sliding into the Home Stretch

>> Monday, August 21, 2006

We are 6 weeks out from B-Day. Or should I call it C-Day? Anyway, in 6 weeks and 2 days, if all goes as correctly as it has been, Doug will probably be doing a big "Welcome" post for the new baby. Who still doesn't have a name.

I actually asked him yesterday what he thought of Avery. His response? "You mean like the labels?" Yeah, I guess that's out.

Nothing exciting at the OB today. I gained 3 pounds, my belly is measuring "right on target" for 33 weeks and baby's heart rate is 145. Blah.

I have finished the front of baby's quilt. There are things I wish I had positioned differently and I actually went to the fabric store to repurchase all the fabric and begin again. Unfortunately the fabric I wanted wasn't available; in the case of the chenille it doesn't exist. sigh I am extremely picky, everyone else who has seen the quilt top really likes it. So it is off to my mom who is going to do the quilting and some work with her serger while I begin the dust ruffle and the cover for the changing table.

There is still so much to be done. This coming weekend I want to get all the "spare room" stuff moved out of what will be baby's room which will require the help of male relatives as our gym equipment needs moved to make way for the bed. It's a big standing gym; it won't be an easy job. Bribery may be required.

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