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Bed Hopping

>> Friday, February 01, 2008

We are still searching for twin beds to go in the girl’s room. Brenna is ready for a “big girl bed” and Caelan has taken to crawling into Brenna’s bed and fighting being put in her crib. It’s time to upgrade.

Of course I have in mind what I want: twin size bookcase beds, preferably in white, with under bed storage or a trundle. I’ve thought about bunk beds, but I remember having them as a kid. It’s never fair when you decide who gets the top bunk.

GreatPricedFurniture.com has come across my radar a couple of times during this search just because they have gorgeous stuff, a money back guarantee and will assemble and place the furniture.

That last bit is especially nice if you purchase home entertainment furniture. Beautiful stuff… But I wouldn’t want to put it together.


Anonymous 11:35 PM  
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vw bug 9:01 AM  

Sounds like fun... want to come work on my boys rooms?

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