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The Perfect Dress

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

I loved being pregnant. I was so blessed in the fact that I really didn’t suffer from morning sickness and the pregnancies themselves were uneventful. Other than being exhausted it was just like any other time of my life.

The worst part of my pregnancy was finding clothes that I could love. Clothes that looked like my regular clothes but were structured to fit the ever-growing belly. I never really understood why so many maternity shops insisted on creating clothing with a horizontal stripe- hello! I’m round enough as it is!- or using “cutesie” prints- ummm, baby inside me; I’m not dressing her yet!

And no matter how hard I tried I never found the perfect dress.

Until now. If you are pregnant you have to check out the maternity clothes at Due Maternity. Clothes that celebrate pregnancy. Fun Ts, great work wear, and the perfect dress for pregnancy (and after baby arrives).

I love a wrap dress. So versatile; a change of shoes and you can go from day to evening. It’s great for after baby is born because you can nurse easily and there is no more forgiving style- it emphasizes the smallest part of you and flows gently over those spots that keep you from fitting into your favorite jeans.

If you are pregnant you have to check out DueMaternity.com. Their website is more than clothes- they also have skin care products and diaper bags. Check out their "Bag A Day Giveaway".

And if you're not pregnant check out the baby gifts. They have a huge selection of Wry Baby T's. Great baby humor. I love the one that says "Scented".


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