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Options in Education

>> Saturday, February 09, 2008

I find myself thinking about the girls’ education quite a bit. With the federal government becoming more involved in schooling and the parents and even teachers having less say I worry about what the girls will learn.

And there are things that I don’t want the school teaching my child. Things like “what is homosexuality” and “don’t tell your parents you want to have sex, just go to the nurse’s office for some birth control”. Hello! No aspirin allowed, but birth control?

While the school district we live in is currently one of the best in the state and my future plans do not involve returning to the workforce when the girls begin school (so I can stay very involved in their daily lives), I just have no idea what really lies ahead in public education.

Home schooling is an option Doug & I have discussed quite a few times. There are numerous families in our church who home school, so I know that we would have plenty of support and advice if we chose that option.

I also “know” a lot of bloggers who home school their children. They always stress the number of resources that are available,quite a few with a religious basis, and how important good support is to the homeschooling process. St. Gabriel Catholic Academy is one of those resources. They provide premier curriculum beginning with the core classes (math, English, science, geography) and Catholic studies, as well.


mama2dibs 4:56 PM  

I plan on homeschooling as well. I would suggest going to one of the homeschooling fairs...there is one in Chicago as well as one in Des Moines. I am going to the Des Moines one this year because they will have a lady there presenting Charlotte Mason's methods and that is what is interesting me the most at this moment in time. :)

drew 10:10 AM  

mama2dibs, what all goes on at the homeschool fairs you go to? I'd love to hear more about it!

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