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When She's 7

>> Sunday, February 24, 2008

This morning Brenna accompanied me to the bathroom. Sadly I am used to this and realize that it will be years before I am allowed to use a toilet solo.

As I was sitting there trying to ignore the ever curious three-year-old eyes that were intently watching me do my business I hear,"Mommy, where did that horsey come from?"

"What horsey?" I asked, thoroughly confused but completely overjoyed that we weren't discussing my BM.

"Your unicorn," Brenna answered pointing at my hip.

"Mommy got it in Minnesota, honey."

"It's a tattoo. When I am 7 I will go to Minnesota and get a unicorn, too," I was informed.

Seven, of course being the "magic age" in her mind as that's how old I am. She conveniently neglects to add the "thirty" to the front of it.

So I kept my mouth shut and didn't mention that I got it when I was twenty three. Because, knowing Brenna, she would conveniently forget the "twenty" part and think it was time for her own visit to the tattoo parlor.



Reall...three is too young for a tat? :)

sue 9:56 AM  

Too cute...

I'm catching up. Envying your vacation plans. *sigh* Will it be warm there?

Jennifer 10:11 AM  


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