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Every Year The Same Thing

>> Monday, February 18, 2008

I’ve been putting it off. It’s time for the annual visit. And it’s such a pain. I have to set an appointment for a time that someone can watch the girls. Then I have to go in, have the exam, chat with the doctor about any problems I may be having and get my prescription.

Every year it’s the same thing… Just enough of a change that things start to get uncomfortable. Just enough of a change that I have to cleanse a couple times a day. And that time is upon me. It’s time for new contacts.

Yes, contacts. And glasses. What did you think I was talking about?

I’ve been in the same kind of contacts for years- hard gas permeable. Yes, archaic, I know. But, honestly, they are the only ones I can see clearly through. OK, I admit that I haven’t tried soft contacts in quite a few years. I should probably look into them again as the acuvue oasys look pretty nice. They have Hydraclear Plus technology which is supposed to help them stay moist and keep your eyes from getting dry. All the reviews I read have great things to say.

If I were to get these “new” disposable contacts I would probably get them from Lens.com. They have a low price guarantee and I can use my HSA.

Anyone out there with really bad astigmatism? What contacts do you use? Have you tried these acuvue oasys? What do you think?


Cindy 12:41 AM  

i don't have astigmatism, but I wear Focus Night & Day lenses....30 days, 24 hours per day...then throw them out and start a new pair. Love them! I've been wearing extended lenses in some form since 1983 and have only had 2 minor eye infections in all that time. These new lenses are really permeable and allow way more oxygen to pass through them than the older ones. I wore Accuvue lenses for msny years before this...good luck, hope you find what works for you!

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