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Let's Just See How Many Times I Say BQQbs

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

I mention my bQQbs a lot, it seems. But that’s because I think about them a lot. Especially every morning when I holster them in and every night when I release them from their containment. For my entire life they have been first and foremost; when I was young and not so sure of myself I can remember my friends joking that they knew I was coming into a room because my bQQbs arrived before I did. It was painful to know that they were the first thing people noticed about me.

As I’ve gotten older and more comfortable in my body I have also learned a few things. One, if you get the right Full Busted Bra your bQQbs don’t look so big- it’s only when you are spilling out of the wrong bra that they are so noticeable. Two, if you don’t focus on your bQQbs so much others won’t, either. And three, cheap bras are a waste of money if you have big bQQbs.

I usually trek 3+ hours to buy my bras in Minneapolis but I recently found BiggerBras.com. They carry my favorite brands (Fayreform and Le Mystere Dream Tisha) in my sizes for a bit less than I pay at the store. Hmmm, good or bad? Fewer trips to Minneapolis....

They also carry swimsuits with the support the “girls” need for the water frolicking in the summer.


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