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Still In The Kitchen

>> Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, I got everything made yesterday except fot the Irish Brown Bread. It just came out of the oven and is cooling on the counter. Mmmm...

I have two corned beef briskits cooking- one here and one at my sister's. At about 3:15 I will glaze them with a mix of Jameson's Whiskey and sugar and bake for a few minutes.

Then it's off to church to do set up for the International Dinner. It should be really fun as we have about a dozen small groups, so we will have cuisine from about 12 different countries.

I know one group chose Canada... Does Canada have a "type" of food? Is it kind of like American? A mish-mash of other nationalities? My brother's group is doing Greek and I know gyros are on their menu. I'm pretty sure I heard someone talking about enchiladas so I assume Mexico was chosen...

My SIL said that she wanted to do American food but was out voted. Then, last week, everyone was "discussing" how difficult Greek food is to make and how expensive... And how the men all wanted Greece but none of them were cooking...

Yep,it's a contest to see who can have the most obscure country. Personally I would have loved to have Scotland- just to see everyone's reactions when I cut open the haggis!


Anonymous 9:49 PM  

Of course Canada has a food. I can't believe you weren't thinking about maple syrup and Canadian bacon.

I think it would be funny if someone were to do French cuisine, and bring Fronch toast, fronch fries, and fronch dressing.


Jennifer 10:30 AM  

We actually don't call it "Canadian Bacon" It's Peameal or Back Bacon.

Ontario maple syrup is well noted for its superb flavour and purity. It is exported to many countries, but the largest market is the USA.

We also have Tourtiere and pate a la rapure ( meat pies)

Montreal smoked meat

Butter Tarts are said to be invented in Northern Ontario around 1915.

Beaver tails.. also known as Elephant ears, or moose antlers

Canada is well known for it's wild game.

Figgy Duff is a pudding

and of course there are many chocolate bars that you can't get anywhere but canada as far as I know. Coffee Crisp, Aero.

Some would consider Tim Hortons a food category all on it's own!

Of course beer is better in Canada too.

A poutine I think?? is canadian
(fries with cheese curds and gravy)

roast polar bear, boiled reindeer, moose meat soup, sweet pickled beaver, squirrel fricassee, fried woodchuck. Stuffed whale breast, steamed muskrat legs, boiled porcupine, boiled caribou hoofs. Baked skunk, dried buffalo meat, baked salmon, roast or boiled corn, and acorn bread.

Delicacies previously never heard of before can be found in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

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