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And For Today's Excitement...

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yet another installment of The SAHM Diary.

Today we find Jody giddy over the family's upcoming vacation. Unfortunately life intervenes and a weird spot on Calean's arm results in a phone call to the doctor. After much discussion with the nurse a hydrocortizone cream was decided on for treatment (to be followed by a doctor's visit next week if it doesn't work).

We currently notice that Caelan is missing from the chaos of the house, napping thankfully, and that Brenna is busy doing (what is self-described as) nothing.

And Jody, realizing that tomorrow is, in fact, 'Mom's Group' Thursday goes into hyper mode and begins planning her cleaning strategy:

Fold laundry currently in the dryer
Put wet clothes into dryer
Start another load of laundry
Clean master bath (mop floors too!)
Change bed and dust master bedroom
Fold clothes in dryer
Put wet clothes into dryer
Start final load of laundry
Dust living room (after digging the furniture out of the toys)
Vacuum all
Clean kitchen
Fold clothes in dryer
Put wet clothes in dryer
Haul kids downstairs and begin digging through the toys
Dust basement
Fold final load of laundry
Clean wood floors after girls go to bed

Yep, that looks about right...


Fantastagirl 8:22 PM  

Now that sounds like a typical day in my life!

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