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Once the Snow is Gone So is Our Terrace

>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The terraced area of our yard has to be replaced. Whoever did it didn’t bother to do it right and the bricks are beginning to slide down the hill. While it disgusts me (mostly due to the cost of the replacement) I’m actually OK with it as I have my own ideas.

I have websites bookmarked so I don’t forget the ideas I’ve seen and the information I’ve found. One thing we definitely plan to do is implement LED landscape lighting. It just makes sense as LED lighting is more efficient than traditional halogen and the lights last longer so they won’t need replaced as often.

I have LizardLighting.com bookmarked. They have all kinds of information on LED lights and will be launching a full line of outdoor lighting this spring. Just in time for our necessary lawn redecorating.


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