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Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

>> Thursday, February 21, 2008

I spent yesterday cleaning my house in preparation for the Mom’s Group book study that I host every couple of weeks. I enjoy hosting the group for a couple of reasons: 1) I know that my house will be cleaned at least once every two weeks and 2) I don’t have to leave my house in this cold weather.

So I was cleaning the kitchen, which is where we all congregate to eat treats after the study, and it struck me (not for the first time) that my sink sucks.

OK, so it’s really not bad as far as Kitchen Sinks go. It’s a double sink and it’s pretty deep but it’s porcelain. So it is scratched and stained and just a pain to keep clean. The fixtures are beginning to spurt if you turn the knob too far to one side and the sprayer doesn’t stay upright in it’s slot.

Of course the Honey Do list of home improvements is long and a new kitchen sink is not the top priority. Which gives me plenty of time to find exactly what I want- and change my mind numerous times. Right now I am leaning toward a stone sink from QualityBath.com. They have an impressive collection of Kitchen Sinks in steel, copper (so pretty!), glass and other finishes. And all are by names I know so I'm sure it's a quality product.

You know, with the amount of time I spend in my kitchen maybe the sink should be moved up the list... With a culinary faucet...



I think having a reason to clean the houe every two weeks is an awesome Idea.

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