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>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well, everything (except what I need tomorrow morning) is crammed into the suitcases. And I mean crammed. I had to do some pretty serious maneuvering to get Brenna's car seat into the luggage and not have to add a bag.

Tomorrow morning should be smooth. I want to change the bed and wash the sheets (my brother, his wife & new baby are house sitting while we are away) and do a bit of vacuuming, too.

Mom will arrive about 10am and we will probably shuffle items between suitcases a bit and get the truck loaded so we can leave the house no later than noon.

But for now I have nothing that must be done. I can go back and gaze at the kitchens I told you about in the previous post. I can pop by a few blogs and bid you all adieu.

Or I can go watch whatever TiVo has saved for me and veg out.


Patty 9:44 PM  

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Fantastagirl 10:53 PM  

I hope you have a wonderful trip - and I hope you relaxed and vegged out!

Bubbi 4:09 AM  

Have an awesome trip jody!

Sally 10:52 AM  

Have a great trip! Bring back lots of photos of beautiful Ireland to show us!

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