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Simply Shocking

>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OK, you can’t really tell that my title is dripping with sarcasm…

Just the other day the Daily Mail reported that Victoria Beckham “was wearing a grey pencil skirt and cropped t-shirt with a "distinct crease" showing just above the waistband.”

A cosmetic surgeon said that the crease is in the wrong place to be from c-sections but could be due to a loss of elasticity in her skin. He also said "It is also possible that she has had liposuction at some point, since there is hardly any fat under the skin and you can see the muscles beneath."

Now, I’m honestly not sure why this is surprising to anyone. It’s very obvious the woman had Breast Enlargement. And if you look at photos of her from her Spice Girls days and now she is barely recognizable as the same person.

Not to say I wouldn’t love to look like her. I’m crazy about her 80’s-New-Wave-Duran Duran hair and her body, enhanced or not, is fab. Alas, it will never happen… I’m not fond of knives and I enjoy food…


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