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Replacing Knee Replacement

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

Doug has a lot of trouble with his knees- residual effects from lots of marching in army boots. I do worry that one day he will need Knee Replacement. My dad had knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago and it looked pretty painful.

I saw that there is a new implant that fits the bone, instead of the bone being cut to fit the implant. Hmmm, that makes sense.

A computer creates a 3D model of the knee and the implant is personalized for each patient. This makes the surgery less invasive and the recovery quicker, with less pain and discomfort.

Novel idea, preserving the natural bone & cartilage…


Carol B. 8:43 PM  

Jody, Thanks for sharing this. I am in the same situation. I also saw this group on one of the morning shows: http://www.stoneclinic.com/. Just another thought!

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