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Heading North?

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doug got contacted by a head hunter a couple of weeks ago. It seems that Hennepin County has a new position opening that he would fit perfectly. And, knowing how much I miss my friends, he sent in a resume and salary.

While the though of moving back to Minnesota excites me it also makes me sad. I always swore I would never move back to Iowa but now that I’m here it’s home. Besides, our last move is still fresh in my mind. While it wasn’t as bad as it could have been it was still frantic and not so well organized. (Probably because we had a week and a half notice.)

Now, Doug hasn’t heard anything back, but because chance favors the prepared I have been researching Moving Companies. I found a website of movers that lets me know what moving companies are available for the move I (may) need to make and will give me free quotes and moving tips. Because I refuse to load a UHaul ever again. We have too much stuff.

So, cross your fingers. I'm just not sure which way...


The Fritz Facts 9:27 AM  

Good luck to Doug! Moving is scary, but a new beginning is fun.
Good luck!!

green3 12:10 PM  

At least you are doing it before the kids get in school and get their "set" group of friends.

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