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This Should Trouble You

>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saddam's nuclear arms program probably in Syria. But we knew that, since that's were a bunch of Sarin ended up.


KL Snow 2:02 PM  

This is a perfect example of the damage done to government credibility by the current organization. We've been fed claims of WMD's for years that turned out to be bogus, unsubstantiated or at least unproven. So when a story like this appears, potentially a dangerous warning, my first impulse is to view it as potentially the next lie to cover up a massive mistake by an administration that has a track record of not believing Americans need the truth.

Doug Halsted 3:48 PM  

I know what you mean. Russian and UN officials are still trying to track down several hundred mini-nuclear reactors "lost" when the Soviet Union ceased to exist (or here) and nobody kept track of them. Or other thefts...

More good news.

The troubling thing is that nobody knows anything for certain...

Tamara 4:29 PM  

too lazy to log into my email to email you so here i am...

one of my scrapping buddies let me borrow her cricut. i played with it for 5 minutes and i'm hooked. i NEED something for dicuts. i would have played more with it at home but that was my &itchy night (I blogged about it). So, i'm in the hunt. have $300 sitting there to spend on something. Plus my fun money and scrapping money out of my budget and bday money from my mom, i just might have enough. i'll be in CR this weekend and they have a dealer, I just might check them out.

Happy travelling!!!

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