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Where Did it Go?

>> Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm already looking at my schedule and wondering where my summer went. Having just returned from a very busy weekend (a convention, a graduation and Father's Day) and looking toward another one in 5 short days (family reunion) my mind is filled with what must be done, what shold be done and what I would really like to get done.

And that makes for a very restless sleep. Well that and the fact that Brenna slept restlessly which woke me and that my collar bone feels out of alignment and I hurt. (Note to self: call chiropractor at 8- see when I can get in.) Not to mention the fact that I have a gymnast residing in my uterus. All of which conspired to get me out of bed for good at 4:42 this morning. I come to you sans coffee but with a lovely cup of Irish Breakfast tea and homemade banana bread.

I asked Doug the other day which seems shorter to him: 3 months or 12 weeks. He said 3 months. I think differently; 12 weeks seems shorter. Either way that is about how long we have until the baby arrives. And we've so much to do yet. I need to make bedding (the accent color is lilac for any of you who are curious or want to send gifts), do some painting in the room, make what is now the room that holds the gym and the cat into a guest room, potty train Brenna (if she doesn't break me first!), and maintain everything else I do daily.

Now, I'll admit that I don't have Meritt's usually crazy schedule (I've seen her calendar and don't know how she deciphers it much less gets everyone where they need to be when they need to be there) but my life isn't bon-bons and Oprah, no matter how much Doug may like to think that it is. In fact I have spoken with Merrit and Nature Girl about a weekly standing appointment for a "Mother's Helper"- 4 hours of Brenna care for me and back-to-school-shopping money for her. I may have to ask Doug to raise my stipend until school starts. :)

Ahhh, one cup of tea gone and things to do staring at me. I should do some of them while I have no one clamoring for my attention. On with the day...

Naptime feels so far away....

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