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Doug Needs

>> Friday, June 09, 2006

Via 2 Hot Chicks

Type [Your First Name] Needs into Google and tell us the first ten results. Mine are very appropriate:

  1. Doug Needs Money (campaigning in expensive)

  2. Doug needs to cool down (probably a good idea)

  3. Doug Needs Money (More please)

  4. Doug needs YOUR help! (oh yes)

  5. Doug needs to sell videos of his exploits (but only those that have been declassified...)

  6. Doug needs to define himself (a good idea for politicians)

  7. Doug needs to take a look across the pond (that would make Jody happy)

  8. Doug needs to be brought back (well make up your mind)

  9. Doug needs evidence to force this to arbitration (yes, because I am confused as to what I should do)

  10. Doug needs to get this property turned into a game (for 50 points, should I go accross the pond or not?)

Jody Needs:

1. Jody needs a custom mouthpiece. (Funny, I thought my mouth was fine.)

2. Jody needs a family to take care of her during the day. (Hmmm, like a nanny for me? Excellent.)

3. Jody needs you to show some love. (Leave some comments once in a while!)

4. Jody needs volunteers (to show mw some love, maybe?).

5. Jody needs to urinate. (Well, not right now but with the baby kicking around it does occur rther often.)

6. Jody needs to take an AIDS test. (No, I don't. They took one when I was 8 weeks pregnant, it was negative & I'm pretty sure I'm still OK.)

7. Jody needs real estate. (Across the pond maybe?)

8. Jody needs pictures. (Actually Jody needs time to scrapbook the pictures she already has!)

9. Jody needs to have more parties! (OK, I can get behind this one!)

10. Jody needs to urinate. (Again? Really, I'm just fine right now.)

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