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The Votes Are In

>> Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Actually they were in before 10pm last night but I have had a very busy day. I thought Doug would have posted before now (other than on the political site).

Unfortunately he lost. By a much larger margin than expected. I really thought that we had reached a large number of people. Voter turnout for our area was very low, which we honestly hoped would work in our favor.

We learned alot from this experience. Namely that there are some people who will lie to your face; people that you respected, people that you trusted. Politics is a dirty business. Dirtier when you are up close. That, and that there is a reason that most politicians are older and retired. They have nothing else to do. Doug was split between working, family & campaigning. That's a lot on one guy's shoulders.

But all things happen for a reason and I am sure that Doug will move on from this to bigger, better and probably more important things.

And now our lives can go forward. We can take a little vacation and relax. We can enjoy weekends again. Ahhh...

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