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A Battle of Wills

>> Monday, June 12, 2006

Since there is nothing on our calendar for this week I have declared it to be "Learn to Potty" week. Brenna, however, has declared it "Learn to Throw Tantrums" week.

So far this morning she spent one and a half hours between 8 and 11am on the potty. With no progress. Unless you count the control she is learning in not going in her pants- or the potty.

In the one and a half hours of off-potty time I would say a good 45 minutes of it was spent engaging in mini-tantrums when things did not go exactly her way. As I would walk away as she dissolved into tears and collapsed to the ground I think it is safe to say that she did not make the progress she was desiring, either, and the tears dried up rather quickly and she moved on to something else.

Brenna made it through lunch with dry, clean pants. I figured we would wait about 10 minutes and try again. That proved to be 10 minutes too long. Crap. No pun intended.

And now we are beginning the afternoon round as Brenna made it through her nap with pants dry and clean. In fact the alarm is going off now. To the potty we will go!

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