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Red Zingers for Breakfast

>> Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm not sure if anyone but women who have been pregnant can understand this. Sometimes I don't. But pregnancy cravings are so strong and so real that they can, honestly, make you slightly insane.

Wednesday night, the evening of the neck incident, I was laying in bed with Brenna. She had been very fussy all day, probably because Mommy was not able to move and play, and would not go to bed. We were watching Food Network. A bakery in Chicago was featured on Sugar Rush: the Angel Food Bakery. And the spot featured "classic" treats with a twist. Needless to say, one of the treats looked just like a red Zinger. And the desire was born, strong and quick.

Doug, being the good husband that he is, asked where he could get some. I told him the local grocery store had them near the checkouts. And off he went.

And he came home with boxes of Star Spangled Cakes (white cake), Swiss Rolls and Nutty Bars. Not a red Zinger in sight. He said that he saw nothing by the checkouts.

Fast farward to last night: I had to go to the store for a few items and there, by the checkouts, were red Zingers. My desire had abated but I had to get them just to show Doug. Partially because he had no clue what red Zingers were when I first mentioned it and partially to prove that they were, in fact, where I said they would be. (My sister was able to verify that fact.)

It was after 9pm when I got home last night, much too late to eat the sugary mess. And that is how I came to have red Zingers for breakfast.

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