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I'm Channeling "Geek Girl #1"

>> Thursday, June 22, 2006

OK, that may to too obscure a reference for most of you, especially if you weren't a child of the 80's who closely identified with John Hughes movies. Let me take you back...

The year is 1984. Sixteen Candles has shot Molly Ringwald into fame. She, of course was not "Geek Girl #1". No, that honor belongs to Joan Cusack, who has, it seems, made sure there are no photos of that role to be found anywhere on the internet. Still not ringing any bells? She was the girl on the bus in the neck brace. Ah, I can see the lightbulbs clicking on.

Yes, I am currently ensconced in a lovely neck brace. Sexy, I tell ya. I can hear everyone screaming "What happened?" Well, here's the story:

Brenna & I were out walking, ok, Brenna was being pulled in the wagon, when I saw a little boy in the street and a car speeding around the corner...

No, not really. Did you think I would have a story full of excitement and adventure? Of course not. Here's what really happened:

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, you sleep surrounded by pillows in the vain attempt to find a comfy spot. Yesterday morning I was attempting to remove a few pillows so I could cuddle with Doug. I rolled on to my back and, as I have done thousands of times, I lifted my hips to move the pillow that was cushioning them. As I did I shifted weight to my neck. And I heard every vertebra in my neck pop like dominoes being toppled. I couldn't move. Tears came to my eyes. Doug had to help me out of bed and change into clothes to make an emergency visit to the chiropractor. After much agony it was discovered that I couldn't turn my neck far enough to get the disk that was pinching the nerve in my right arm back in to place. So home I went with an appointment for later that afternoon. And the results were the same.

And now I am in a neck brace in the hopes that my neck muscles will relax enough to get everything back in place. God, I hope so. Because Brenna is freaked out by mommy not feeling well. Which makes her clingy. Which causes a pain which can only be described as a steak knife being stuck in your neck- and staying there.

I can't drive as I can't turn my head, which keeps me from picking up Nature Girl for her first "mother's helper" session. Which makes her- and Brenna- sad. I can't clean much as my right arm has a shooting pain down it. I can't type quickly as my fingers are varying between numb and tingly. And I look just great! :) I'm sure to be hit on constantly when my sister takes me to the store tonight to get supplies for this weekend.

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