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Swimsuits & Pregnancy Shopping

>> Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Swimsuit shopping is one of the most dreaded shopping experiences a woman can have if you are to believe all the fitness magazines. Even Dr. Phil covered it a couple of weeks ago.

To be honest, wearing a swimsuit has never really bothered me. I'm not an overly inhibited person although I have become much more conservative as I've aged. Which is a good thing- if you've ever seen a 35+ year old woman trying to pull off the Abercrombie "look" you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, although there are things about my body I would like to change I'm not overly freaked out about them. I figure that I flatter myself by thinking tht people are actually paying attention to me. Hello! They are all too self absorbed wondering who is looking at them!

So... swimsuits. I have always had problems buying swimsuits due to my very, um, curvy figure. Think Jessica Rabbit. Not that I'm that thin anymore but it gives you a general idea. I have always had to purchase suits with 2 pieces at stores that sell pieces separately. This is annoying and costly. But it wasn't really a problem when I lived in Minneapolis as every mall had a store like this. Not the case here. And definately not the case with maternity swimsuits. I have yet to find a place that sells separates in maternity suits. Even on the internet.

So I broke down and ordered a swimsuit from a maternity store. It arrived today, along with the two tops I ordered. I opened them and wanted to scream "I have large breasts! I'm pregnant, for god's sake! I am not a fat woman with no boobs!!!" Because everything I ordered to fit my breasts was still too small for that area and made to fit a woman almost twice my size everywhere else.

I just don't get it. Everyone and their mother knows that your breasts grow as you progress through pregnancy. So why, why I ask, do the maternity designers think that, if you order something in a larger size you can get away with minimal support. Because, let me tell you, those "built ins" just don't work. At. All.

So the entire order is going back. I kind of knew it would. It's just so bloody depressing. And I still need a swimsuit.

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