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Potty Diaries- Day 4

>> Thursday, June 15, 2006

Umm, yeah. Day 4. See day 2. Pretend I wrote it today. The potty gods are not on my side.

Other than that, a funny thing happened this evening. To properly tell it I must rewind the day a bit to after Brenna's nap (and time number 6 on the potty).

I decided that Brenna & I would make Doug's Father's Day cards. So down to the basement we came; glued, added stickers, glitter and some special touches with crayons. Brenna was very helpful, actually, placing stickers where I pointed when necessary, where she wished if we weren't trying to spell something, adding sparkly stuff from a tube. It was all great fun.

So, we got the cards done and wrapped Doug's gift in paper from Brenna's easel that she had colored previously. I then took the cards and gift upstairs to pack -as we will be gone this weekend- leaving it on the bed, planning to get it away before Doug got home from work.

Fast forward to 5:30ish. Doug has called and said that he is almost home. Brenna is having a bit of a meltdown so a few minutes later I take her outside to wait for daddy. We exit the house through the front door. The garage door is closed, I figure Doug will be home any minute. Brenna and I walk down the block and back. About the time we get back Doug walks out the front door and proclaims, "So this is where you have been hiding!"

"No, we were out here waiting for you," I answer.

Yep, in the amazing instance of perfect timing Doug had pulled into the garage as Brenna and I were preparing to exit through the front door. The garage door must have just finished closing when we got outside. Doug went through the entire house looking for us- basement, Brenna's room, our bedroom... Where he found the Father's Day cards & gift on the bed.

"Ah-ha!" he thought, "A surprise!" So he opens everything, talking to himself as he does, thinking that Brenna and I are in the closet waiting to surprise him. While Brenna and I are outside waiting for him to come home and I am blissfully unaware that the gift I am planning to pack is being opened.

Doug exits our bedroom and sees that the front door is open and he finds us outside.

"I found the cards" he says.

"What?" I ask. Then it hits me. "You opened your Father's Day gift? I was going to pack it and give it to you Sunday."

Ahhh, the best laid plans.

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