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She's in Control

>> Friday, June 16, 2006

Now if I could only get Brenna to realize that she should hold it in until she sits on the potty; not until she is off the potty. I'm sure someone is making progress, I'm just not sure if it is her or me!

In happier news: good garage sale-ing today. I got a Medela Pump in Style Electric Breast Pump for $50. Now, considering that these things cost over $300 new (YIKES!) and that I nursed Brenna until she was almost a year old and that the manual pump gave me tendonitis I think this is a damn good deal. Oh, did I mention I saw one at another garage sale for $150. Yep, I got one hell of a bargain.

I also got a Lil Tykes type desk for Brenna for $5 (which sits in the office by daddy's desk) and a bunch of clothes we didn't really need but I couldn't resist for baby for $6.

Ahhh, it just feels so nice when you get good deals...

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