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Today is the Day

>> Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brenna is doing the "Morning Mambo" with Bear from her chair this morning as she slept in until 7:45 am, waking only to wish daddy goodbye. She is truly her daddy's girl. I'm sure she will be a night owl early and be sleeping until noon well before her teen years.

One of my biggest pet peeves was realized the other day. I bought a pretty Inflata-bed (Buzz Lightyear model shown- the one I got Brenna was pink with flowers)for Brenna as she has outgrown her pack & play and we need a portable bed for a weekend trip the end of the month. I was hesitant to buy it as there were only two on the shelf nd both looked as though they had been opened and returned. I took the least mangled box, made my purchase and inflated it for Brenna when I got home. And it's a good thing that I did as it has a hole in it.

Now why, when the previous purchaser returned it, didn't they tell the store that it had a hole? Don't they know that the store will just put it back on the shelf unless they know it's defective? Don't they realize that it is annoying for the next customer to have to return it, too?

So today I have to return to the Big Red Bulls-Eye to make an exchange. And, of course, I'll have to go to one outside of my little suburb because I know there aren't any more of this design left here. Grrrr....

Brenna has finished her breakfast- yogurt, apple cereal bar and juice- so I suppose we should get our day started! Time to go vote!

Update: (because I have nothing else going on)

We were able to get an Inflata-bed at the other Target that hadn't been opened and mutilated by someone else. Brenna likes it...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She is currently working on mutilating it all by herself.

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