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>> Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today Brenna & I picked up Merrit's Nature Girl so she could watch Brenna for a few hours and I could get some things done.

As I filed bills and caught up on some scrapbooking in the office I could hear splashing and laughing in the pool and Brenna's cry of "Bubbles!" as NG worked the bubble wand. When Brenna tired of outdoor play she dragged NG through our house, from top to bottom, playing with toys, coloring and keeping NG on her toes. I was told that "Brenna sure likes to run around." "Yes, " I said, "that is why you are here today. I am tired from chasing her every day."

But I think Nature Girl had fun and she got money for her latest savings goal.

We grilled tonight: hamburgers and shrimp, and rounded out the meal with sweet corn and coleslaw. The best thing about living in the midwest is the sweet corn- straight from the farm. Yum!

I took NG home about 8pm. After talking with Merrit for 40 minutes I said that I should go. We walked outside to look at her garden- I see many zucchini in my future- and then around front. Where we talked as the sun set and the stars came out. By the time I left it was 10:15. Honestly, where did that time go? It certainly didn't feel like we were talking that long. Poor Coffee Husband, I probably robbed him of his quality wife time. If I said that I was sorry about it, though, I would be lying. So I will just say that he is lucky I left when I did because we could have probably stood out there and talked for a couple more hours, at least.

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